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RevoMaze Stand Competition

Postby Barcared » Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:35 pm

We need your help!

Many people have asked about stands to display their RevoMazes on and we originally sold wooden stands which were sold alongside the metal RevoMaze Extremes. Unfortunately, these stands were expensive, inconsistent in quality/colour and fragile when being shipped.

We would like to involve the members more in RevoMaze related decisions and therefore felt it appropriate to allow you to come up with a design for the new RevoMaze stands.

There are a number of points you should consider and you would need to research these alongside coming up with your design:
  • Material used - consider cost, weight and manufacturability
  • Unit costs - how many need to be made to make the unit cost viable?
  • Shipping - how sturdy are the stands for national/international postage?
  • Design - will aesthetics/complexity of the stand detract from the manufacturability?

There will be a prize for the winning entry of £100 credit towards a RevoMaze puzzle and also having the honour of having your design being used to display our wonderful RevoMazes.

The prize will only be awarded if we actually manufacture these stands so bear in mind all the issues stated above.

We are primarily looking at a stand for a single Revo but if you wish to consider how they could be added to each other to create a series/multiple stand, then that would be an added bonus.

Materials you may wish to consider are wood, acrylic, marble, stone.

All submissions should be forward to me via email and I will present them to Chris Pitt after the closing date in order to decide a winner.

Please note that RevoMaze/Ashton Pitt would need to hold the intellectual property rights for the stands as they will incorporate the RevoMaze logo.

The closing date for entries is Jan 31, 2011.

Good luck!

Note: To comment on this Announcement please see the thread in the Competitions section.

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