First Blog on my first REVOMAZE!

Hi All,

This is my first attempt at blogging, so please let me know your thoughts.

As many of you know, I am new to the company and to REVOMAZE and for those of you who do not know, my name is Emma and I started with the company in February. I thought I would share a little about my experiences with REVOMAZE so far.

Like starting any new job, I spent my first few weeks learning the ropes and taking in a lot of information about the company & the REVOMAZES- past, present and future.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a keen puzzler but if there happens to be a puzzle lying around I will often find myself glued to it, so as you can probably imagine I was itching to get my hands on one of these interesting puzzles. I’d had chance to play around with the V1 Indigo in a clear sleeve to get the general idea of how these puzzles worked but it took most of the challenge out of it being able to see. I soon managed to get my hands on a V1 Aqua (which wasn’t too hard being here at HQ). I would like to say I did it with ease, but unfortunately I did take a glance at the map for guidance and an hour or so later it was open, I knew from the moment I glance at the map that I had deprived myself of the ‘AHAH’ feeling everyone talks about. I think the V1 Aqua does exactly what it was design for to help introduce you to the REVOMAZE.

Following Aqua the next obvious step was the V1 Blue and It didn’t seem to take me long to work my way through the Blue. Well, until arriving at one particular point that no matter what I did, I fell into traps and had to start all over again, those of you familiar with the Blue will most likely know the point I am referring too. After giving up for a couple of days, I decided to take the Blue with me on a 5-hour car journey (obviously as a passenger). After spending the majority of the trip falling at the same hurdle or asleep, I eventually managed to get past it and carefully navigate myself to the end. The feeling of accomplishment on opening the Blue was great! I finally got that ‘A-Hah’ feeling.

I am currently working on the V1 Bronze and I would love to say it’s going great, but I feel this puzzle is a little beyond me at the moment and it currently spends its days teasing me from the corner of my desk. I pick it up every so often but haven’t quite worked up the courage to give it a real go. Maybe it will come with me on the next long car journey…. I will be sure to update when I defeat the Bronze.

Which REVOMAZE was your first?

Would you recommend the Blue to a REVOMAZE novice?


Emma Pinder

New to Revomaze? Read this …


 Operating your Revomaze

The objective is to remove the centre shaft using a series of controlled twists, pulls and pushing actions

until the dot on the shaft line up with the dot on the sleeve.

During the operation you may hear a ‘click’ and feel the shaft become loose.

This is a trap and you must navigate back to the beginning to start again.

Woo you’ve solve the Revomaze, what’s next?

Once you have aligned the dots, take the sleeve label down.

Hold the sleeve in one hand, and the shaft in the other.

Then tap the sleeve gently on a soft surface until the shaft is released from the sleeve.

Health and Safety

Throwing, dropping or mishandling the puzzle can cause an injury or damage to the puzzle.

Supervise Children at all times when they are handling the puzzle.

A firm but comfortable grip will help the wrists, it is recommended

that you play little and often to avoid injury.

Stuck? or need re assembly instructions? Check out our contact us section. 

V1 Indigo Evolution – Shane Seward Q+A

So what got you onto making your own Revomaze?
I wanted to show Chris some of my ideas.  I was going to get my own core created and send it to Chris, but every machinist I went to when they saw a Revomaze core said it was beautiful, but they could not make it.

Did you have any design ideas in mind / based off something?
My friend Tom and I would discuss Revomaze on the way to work.  We would try and guess what Chris could have designed to trip us up.  Many of the features evolved out of those discussions.

How long did it take you to design the Indigo?
About three months.  After that Chris looked at the design an introduced me to factors of which I was completely unaware.  A new great feature got added at that point and it really started to get refined.

You had to adapt the design, do you feel that benefited the puzzle?
Absolutely.  My design had a couple of features which were not suitable for a production puzzle.  Chris came up with a solution that was innovative and added to the overall design.

How do feel the indigo rates in difficulty and solve time?
I think it’s about 85/100.  I’ll be interested to see how others rate it.

Is there any twists and turns that will surprise people?
There will be a great surprise at the end, I can’t wait for people to open it up and see the core for the first time. I also managed to hide my initials in there, but they are well hidden!

Where did you get the idea of an Indigo colour?
I initially wanted white, but I found out you cannot anodize white. Chris has already used all the standard colors, so we had to go to a custom color at additional cost.  Of all the options, Chris, Rachel, and I liked the Indigo the best.

Are you happy with the end Puzzle?
Very!  It was amazing to see it go from a rough design on paper to a beautifully machined end product.  I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity.  Hopefully people will enjoy what we have created.

Thanks Shane, we are honoured to have helped create a really great puzzle!  Check out the Indigo for yourself –

Monthly Revomazer Q+A – Benjamin Rodrigue

Thanks Benjamin once again for taking the time to do this : ) . 


  1. How did you first come across the Revomaze Puzzles?
    I’ve always had a fascination with all things mechanical and I happened to stumble up Revomaze through some generic puzzle searches on Google after seeing the Sonic Warp series puzzles at my local Marbles the Brain Store.  After finding them I was not fully committed due to the cost at the time, but I was sure to keep them on my wish list
  2. What was the first ever Puzzle you bought and why?
    About a year past as I maintained a stalker relationship with the website and decided that I should dive in as I realized some of them were ending production and I wanted to get these puzzles before they were hard to get.  I ordered everything I could to make sure I received all that was available…that and Chris was gracious in giving me a deal on the whole lot!  Shortly after placing my order I found a Collectors Set on eBay so I grabbed that as well.  I made sure to start with Blue once I received them though so that I could fully appreciate the series.

  3. Out of all the Puzzles we have released, what would be your favorite?
    Silver is one of my favorites, with Orange a close second.  Both have great puzzling elements 


  4. Following the last question why was that particular Puzzle your favorite? *Without spoilers*
    Silver has a “what the heck is going” factor that requires a significant amount of brainpower to understand what is going on.  There are many ah-ha moments that make it a rewarding journey.
  5.  How many Puzzles including Revomazes, have you got in your collection?
    If I don’t include any duplicate R1’s and include my R2’s have 21 Revomaze’s on hand.  I have others pre-ordered so my collection will continue to grow.
    I don’t have many other puzzles in my collection, but I have started collecting some of the Sonicwarp, Pyro Puzzles and NG Puzzles while waiting for more Revo’s.
    I believe there 7 of these.
  6. Lastly what was the quickest time you completed a Revomaze and which puzzle was it?
    I played with Blue for about 3-4 hours before I had it open. Red may have technically been quicker, but I was able to get some good hints from the forum which allowed the easy solve so I don’t normally count that as a legitimate quicker solving time.Any additional Comments –
    Revomaze puzzles have been a great mind exercise for me and I continue to enjoy them. I enjoy showing others my mazes and hope to get others interested in them.
    I hope Chris continues to create great puzzles!   

Monthly Revomazer Q+A – James Bousselot

Here at HQ, we thought it would be a brill idea to do a a monthly Q+A about our amazing Revomazers. First Blog I thought we would start with James (nos6074)  🙂
Thanks once again for taking the time to do this. 

What was the first ever Puzzle you bought and why?
The first Revomaze I purchased was the blue. I got this version because I was not certain how difficult the Revomaze series would be.


How did you first come across the Revomaze Puzzle?
I first came across Revomaze through another puzzle forum in a thread discussing other puzzles.


Out of all the Puzzles we have released, what would be your favourite?
My favorite Revomaze would be the Orange.


 Following the last question why was that particular Puzzle your favourite? *Without spoilers*
The Orange has a well balanced mix of both static and dynamic elements.


How many Puzzles including Revomazes, have you got in your collection?
Without duplicates I have 12 Revomazes in my collection.


Lastly what was the quickest time you completed a Revomaze and which puzzle was it?
The Fastest I have completed a Revomaze would be just under 2 hours. I completed the Revomaze Red in this time due to precise mapping


Any additional Comments –
I truly enjoy my Revomaze series because not only are they fantastic puzzles but they are also great show pieces. I have many people that have seen my collection and are baffled that they can be opened at all.