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Information For Newcomers & FAQ

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To all members, old and new: firstly our intention for this forum is to create a fun, fair and positive area to discuss the RevoMaze puzzles. As such, we would like to kindly request that all users familiarise themselves with the Forum Etiquette.

We have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions which should hopefully help you answer any questions you may have regarding your REVOMAZE: FAQs

Puzzle Information
There are often questions regarding the mazes themselves so below are links to a compiled set of information on each of the mazes and some information on previous names used for some of the mazes:
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  • Registration
    • Should I register? & Are there benefits to registering?
      • At the very least, all users are encouraged to register each of their puzzles as and when they first receive them. Registering your puzzle lets the guys at REVOMAZE HQ know that you've got you puzzle and are on your way to solving it.
      • We would also encourage users to register here into the forum community as it lets us know a little bit more about you. It also opens up new areas for you to explore and additional information on your new puzzles that may even contain hints from Chris Pitt himself!

        Although the majority of the forum is open to “Guest” users, a forum name is required to comment on posts. You may have questions, you may want to ask general knowledge questions on certain puzzles or you may even want to get to know us a little better. All of this requires that a username be registered with the forum moderators.

        Everyone has access to the “[colour] General” sub-forum thread found for each puzzle (even "Guests"). There are two other user groups that are available for viewing that require registration:
        • "[colour] Registered" - for when you have received a new puzzle and registered it on the forum.
        • "[colour] Opened" - for when you have successfully opened you puzzle
    • Is it free to register?
      Yes, it's free to register! :)
    • How do I register?
      • Registering your forum username
        To do this, simply follow this link or go to the “Login” link at the top of the forum index page and then click on “Register” found under the Username input box. You’ll be asked a few general questions and you’ll be on your way to post.
      • Registering new puzzles
        Once you’ve received a new puzzle, send an e-mail to with the following information: (note: this is currently only needed for REVOMAZE Extremes)
        • Name:
          Telephone number:
          E-mail address:
          Product registration number*:
          Forum username:
        * you're product registration number can be found engraved onto the main shaft of your REVOMAZE
      • Registering new puzzles (on the forum)
        By completing the registration process above, you should also be granted access to the registered area for your puzzle. However, if your access has not been granted after a few days then please follow these steps:
        1. in the “User Control Panel” (at the top of the index page)
        2. select “Usergroups” from the Options menu
        3. select the “[colour] Registered” group for the particular puzzle that you’ve ordered (to the right of the description)
        4. click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
        Within a few hours (sometimes a little longer, please be patient), you’ll have access to that particular forum and any information hidden within.
  • Are the plastic Obsessions the same as the metal Extreme puzzles?
    • They are similar. Blue is slightly easier. Green & Black are the same with some adjustments. Red is a new design and about as difficult as the Bronze.

      They are high quality "Machined" not molded and have a great feel to them. The shaft cannot be removed without destroying it.

      They do not form part of the main competition but may encourage others to try. There is a separate rewards planned.

      We are aiming at the Family so all ages can have a go. If you have the metal versions.
  • Mapping
    • Does mapping everything help?
      Absolutely :!:
    • What about traps? Should I map these?
      Yes :!:
    • Are there any tips on mapping?
      Yes, see here: Mapping Challenge
  • I've aligned the dots, but nothing happens. Did I miss something?
    No! Congratulations, you're finished! Line up the dots, turn them upside down and gently tap the edge of the puzzle on something soft. The maze pin will fall out and you can claim your prize!
  • What do I do when I get my puzzle open?
    • REVOMAZE Extreme
    1. Firstly, send your Certificate number (top right of the example below) to as this officially registers you puzzle as open.
      Certificate.jpg (63.42 KiB) Viewed 43823 times
    2. Next, email or PM Daniel (prodigy) with pictures of your maze and forum name. This will gain you access to the open group. You should include pictures of both sides of both the sleeve and the maze to ensure the puzzle has been opened fairly and correctly. Failure to clearly show an un-tampered puzzle will result in non-admittance to open groups.
      If you choose to email, please remember to include you forum name else we won't know who to give access to (we will not make guesses based on names or e-mail addresses) ;)
    • REVOMAZE Obsession
    1. First, email your 10 character code to . Keep the code to yourself as it will be used to gain access to the rewards board and once registered you cannot use the code again.
    2. Then follow these steps to get access to the open group:
      1. in the “User Control Panel” (at the top of the index page)
      2. select “Usergroups” from the Options menu
      3. select the “RO [colour] Open” group for the particular puzzle that you’ve ordered (to the right of the description)
      4. click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
  • What's the best way to clean a REVOMAZE?
    • Old toothbrush and washing up liquid - pour some onto the shaft and give it s good clean all in the tracks. If you have tarnish on the shaft I use Autosol chrome cleaner paste - put a small amount on a tissue and remove the tarnish. Do this before washing with the toothbrush.
    • Allow to drain and dry (I use a hair dryer). Using a pencil, I push a small ball of tissue through the shaft centre to make sure its clean. Same process with the draw and pins.
    • The sleeve, I use WD40 and a soft polishing cloth (try to keep the label at 12 o'clock to ensure the spring does not come out. Use your nail (yuk) or a cocktail stick between the outer sleeve grooves before the WD40.
    • Next push a wad of tissue through the centre. I then use 3-in-1 bike oil inside the sleeve place a small drip on both ends. Use your finger to spread the oil inside the sleeve and then pass the wad through again to ensure not too much oil is left on.
    • Once dry, reassemble the shaft as per instructions (if you wish to add a drop of oil, I suggest the drop goes in the first entrance. Once assembled - quick polish on the sleeve and you puzzle is as good as new :D
  • Are there any rules on selling REVOMAZEs on the fourm?
    Yes, we kindly request that users take note of the following points when advertising their REVOMAZE for sale on the forum:
    • to make it fair for everyone, we request no selling directly on the forum
    • users can however post links to their (or other peoples) ebay listings etc in the Buyers and Sellers topic
    • pre-ordered mazes (such as the Handmades) cannot be sold on before they are delivered: the order should simply be cancelled
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REVOMAZE Extreme (Main Series)

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REVOMAZE Extreme R1 (Main Series)
Revomaze_Main_Series.png (773.92 KiB) Viewed 7885 times
The original main series of REVOMAZEs are the Blue (BU), Green (GR), Bronze (BR), Silver (AG), and Gold (AU). They have been designed such that in general they should be attempted in order. Each new puzzle with introduce expand on the "features" of the previous and introduce new tricks.

Blue (BU)
  • Release date: March 2009
    Level: 50 / 100

    Different versions:
    Revomaze I - First Revomaze ever made

    Blue V1 - Ribbed Sleeve
    Blue V2 - Smooth Sleeve

    Blue Obsession V1 - Plastic version with captured core
    Blue Obsession V2 - Plastic version with removable core
    Blue Obsession Pro - Plastic version with alternate ending

    Mini - A micro metal version

    History Collection Cores:
    Blue V1 Issue 1.1 (Unplated; First core from the engineers)
    Blue V1 Issue 1.2 (Unplated; Similar to the above with longer nut ends)
    Blue V1 Issue 1.3 (Only aluminum core)
    Blue V1 Issue 1.4 (Nickel Plated; Basis for the mass produced extremes)

Green (GR)
  • Release date: April 2009
    Level: 60 / 100

    Different versions:
    Green V1 - Ribbed Sleeve
    Green V2 - Smooth Sleeve

    Green V1 Obsession - Plastic version with captured core
    Green V2 Obsession - Plastic version with removable core

    History Collection Cores:
    Green V1 Issue 1.0 (Unplated)
    Green V1 Issue 1.1 (Unplated)
    Green V1 Issue 1.1 (Nickel Plated)

Bronze (BR)
  • Release date: June 2009
    Level: 80 / 100

    Different versions:
    Bronze V1 - Ribbed Sleeve
    Bronze V2 - Smooth Sleeve

    History Collection Core:
    Bronze V1 Issue 1.0 (Unplated)
Silver (AG)
  • Release date: October 2009
    Level: 90 / 100

    Different versions:
    Silver V1 - Defective and discontinued (100 sold)
    Silver V2 - Current version

    History Collection Cores:
    Silver V1 Issue 1.0 (Unplated; Defective)
    Silver V1 Issue 1.0 (Nickel Plated; Defective)
    Silver V1 Issue 1.1 (AKA Silver V2. Unplated)
    Silver V1 Issue 1.1 (AKA Silver V2. Nickel Plated)
Gold (AU)
  • Release date: December 2011
    Level: 100 / 100
    Info: Limited to: 500 (250 as part of CE sets, 250 sold individually)

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REVOMAZE Extremes (Limited Editions)

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REVOMAZE Extremes (Special & Limited Editions)

The Special Edition (SE) & Limited Edition (LE) mazes are as the name suggests limited to only a few in any one series. Some such as the Black are limited to only 20 units being produced, others are limited to no more than 250 units. As such these mazes are highly sought-after. Once they are initially sold, the only way to obtain one is to buy one from an existing owner.

Black (BL)
  • Release date: June 2009
    Level: 60 / 100
    Info: Limited to: 20
Black Merc (BM)
  • Release date: TBD
    Level: 65 / 100
    Info: Limited to: 20
Red (R)
  • Release date: July 2010
    Level: 75 / 100
    Info: Limited to: 125
Purple (PU)
  • Release date: May 2014
    Level: 80 / 100
    Info: Limited to: 20
Handmade (HM)
  • Release date: May 2012
    Level: 90 / 100
    Info: Commissions
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REVOMAZE Obsessions

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REVOMAZE Obsessions
Obsession.png (162.29 KiB) Viewed 7888 times
  • Release date: December 2009
    Level: 50 / 100
  • Release date: December 2009
    Level: 60 / 100
  • Release date: December 2009
    Level: 60 / 100
Black v2 (Merc)
  • Release date: November 2011
    Level: 65 / 100
Blue Pro
  • Release date: November 2011
    Level: 70 / 100
  • Release date: December 2009
    Level: 75 / 100
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REVOMAZE Package Inserts

Post by mattangel »

Package Inserts
Many puzzles come with either a package insert or booklet containing bits of information. The information in this post is supplied as a reference only. For more information, please refer to the previous posts in this thread. There are mentions of "hints" throughout the forums, but the only real hints are given by Chris Pitt himself either on the website or within the Registered forums.

Single Page Extreme Insert
Valid for Blue, Green, Bronze, Silver, Black and Red Extremes.
Health and Safety
WARNING: Our puzzles are not toys and are intended for use by adults or anyone over the age of 12 with supervision.

As the puzzles are heavy, we (Ashton Pitt Ltd) shall not be liable for death or personal injury resulting from the misuse of our products, or by accident incurred whilst using our products.

Registration (Covered in more detail here)
Once you have the product number (on the puzzle shaft), you need to email us at: with your:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Product registration number
  • We also need a 10 character username made from letters and numbers to identify you on our leader board.
As long as the username is free, we will email your contestant number along with the "Free Opening Clues"[1]. To be part of our competition, you must register your details and your puzzles.

The puzzle has three main parts, the draw, the shaft and the outer case (sleeve). The objective is to open the puzzle and remove the draw where you'll find the Certificate of Ownership and part of the Series Code Map [2] (if you wish to solve the Series Code for a chance to go into the event final).

Using dexterity, memory and endurance - you need to turn, pull and twist the shaft around the internal labyrinth. If you hear a 'click' and the shaft becomes loose, you have fallen into a trap [3]. The only operation would be to reset the puzzle back to the beginning. Do NOT force your puzzle.

Once you reach the open point, you'll need to refer to the clues given to you when registering your puzzle. Please follow them carefully.

Once you've opened the puzzle, you need to email us the puzzle code and the 10 digit Certificate of Ownership number shown on the top right. If you have opened the puzzle and there are places available on our leader board, we'll contact you by email to ask if you wish to attend our live event.

The puzzle is very strong and should give years of service, but can be damaged if misused. Do not deliberately bang or hit the puzzle as this could affect the operation and damage the finish.

Keep your puzzle clean with a dry cloth. If your puzzle becomes difficult to use, contact our support department at We offer a chargeable support service to repair a damaged REVOMAZE.

The REVOMAZE puzzle, name, logo, REVOMAZE Puzzle Challenge and intellectual rights are the copyright of Ashton Pitt Ltd (c) 2009.

All condition of use can be found in our Terms and Conditions on our website or can be provided by writing to:

Ashton Pitt Ltd
Head Office
3 Fawn Close
Askam in Furness
LA16 7H5
United Kingdom

1. The Free Opening Clues are not clues to help you progress through the puzzle. They simply serve to help you remove the core from the shaft once you've completed the puzzle.
2. Map pieces are not included in the Black and Red Extremes as they are not part of the Series 1 competition.
3. In most cases.
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    • Announcements
  • REVOMAZE Enthusiasts
    • General
      • World
    • Off Topic
      • Other Puzzles of Interest
      • Brain Teasers
  • REVOMAZE R1 Main Series
    • REVOMAZE Aqua
      • Aqua General
      • Aqua Registered
      • Aqua Opened
    • REVOMAZE Turquoise
      • Turquoise General
      • Turquoise Registered
      • Turquoise Opened
    • REVOMAZE Blue
      • Blue General
      • Blue Registered
      • Blue Opened
    • REVOMAZE Green
      • Green General
      • Green Registered
      • Green Opened
    • REVOMAZE Titanium
      • Titanium General
      • Titanium Registered
      • Titanium Opened
    • REVOMAZE Mint
      • Mint General
      • Mint Registered
      • Mint Opened
      • Mint Pre-Production Group
      • Pre-Production Mint Registered
      • Pre-Production Mint Opened
    • REVOMAZE Gunmetal
      • Gunmetal General
      • Gunmetal Registered
      • Gunmetal Opened
    • REVOMAZE Copper
      • Copper General
      • Copper Registered
      • Copper Opened
    • REVOMAZE Orange
      • Orange General
      • Orange Competition
      • Orange Registered
      • Orange Opened
    • REVOMAZE Bronze
      • Bronze General
      • Bronze Registered
      • Bronze Opened
    • REVOMAZE Grey
      • Grey General
      • Grey Registered
      • Grey Opened
    • REVOMAZE Indigo
      • Indigo General
      • Indigo Registered
      • Indigo Opened
    • REVOMAZE Silver
      • Silver General
      • Silver Registered
      • Silver Opened
    • REVOMAZE Salmon
      • Salmon General
      • Salmon Registered
      • Salmon Opened
      • Salmon Pre-Order
    • REVOMAZE Lime
      • Lime General
      • Lime Registered
      • Lime Opened
    • REVOMAZE Gold
      • Gold General
      • Gold Registered
      • Gold Opened
    • REVOMAZE Series I Code
      • Series Code General
      • Series Code Solved
  • REVOMAZE R1 Special & Limited Editions
    • REVOMAZE Black
      • Black General
      • Black Opened
    • REVOMAZE Black Merc
      • Black Merc General
      • Black Merc Registered
      • Black Merc Opened
    • REVOMAZE Red
      • Red General
      • Red Registered
      • Red Opened
    • REVOMAZE Purple
      • Purple General
      • Purple Owners
      • Purple Opened
    • REVOMAZE Handmade
      • Handmade General
      • Handmade Owners
      • Handmade Opened
  • REVOMAZE R1 Obsession Series
    • Obsession General
    • REVOMAZE Blue Obsession
      • Blue Obsession General
      • Blue Obsession Opened
    • REVOMAZE Green Obsession
      • Green Obsession General
      • Green Obsession Opened
    • REVOMAZE Black Obsession
      • Black Obsession General
      • Black Obsession Opened
    • REVOMAZE Black v2 (Merc) Obsession
      • Black v2 Obsession General
      • Black v2 Obsession Opened
    • REVOMAZE Blue Pro Obsession
      • Blue Pro Obsession General
      • Blue Pro Obsession Opened
    • REVOMAZE Red Obsession
      • Red Obsession General
      • Red Obsession Opened
  • REVOMAZE R2 Main Series
    • REVOMAZE R2 Mercury
      • Mercury General
      • Mercury Registered
      • Mercury Opened

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