The only thing wrong...

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The only thing wrong...

Postby BBloke » Fri Sep 13, 2019 4:01 pm

..with a revomaze...

For me, is cleaning them. I'm quite thorough and meticulous when I finally open a revomaze. Sadly, during the many hours of playing and mapping leaves a toll on the shafts.

Not to fear. Revomaze HQ customer service is and has always been wonderful. My issue is, after returning back to my puzzles I noticed a little too much tarnish on the top end (opposite to the serial number) hex head which showed signs of my fingerprints etched into the plating. Weird! I'm hardly an acid spitting alien.

With cleaner in hand and a little care and attention I've slowly been cleaning them up. It's working a treat. Thank you HQ.

..the only thing wrong with a revomaze is lime, silver and indigo and just pure evil to reopen with maps so I can clean them! Grrrr :o :D :D ;)

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