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Free Grippers and Stands

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I want to pay it forward in the revomaze community. This all started with Brian Plourde. He's an kind amazing person. When I was in a rough patch his act of generosity to a random stranger helped me become who I am today, and why I try to always pay it forward even if it costs me a bit of my own money to do so.

I have 3D printed grippers and stands to give away. If you want one for free please shoot me a private message. I would prefer if you sent the message to me via discord (username: RevoPadawan(Chris_Linnick)) but for those of you who don't use discord you can shoot me an email:

These grippers are different than the Revo HQ grippers. They are slotted to allow for variations in core size as the V1 core is smaller than V3 which is smaller than handmade. Included a screw and bolt to tighten accordingly. The stands are also horizontal or vertical. All of these designs were printed from thingiverse.

I will ship outside of the US so long as you can cover shipping (approximately $14.00 USD). Other than that, if you live in the US they are free. Donations to paypal email are welcome to help pay for future material but these donations are by no means necessary.

Happy revomazing everyone!
3D_Printed_Grippers_2.jpg (54.52 KiB) Viewed 2490 times
3D_Printed_Grippers.jpg (78.05 KiB) Viewed 2490 times
Looking to purchase:
Limited/Special Edition (Extreme/Metal --> Black and Black merc)
PM or email (preferred):
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