Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

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Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by Jm26rob » Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:52 am

Im interested what peoples thoughts are on the limited edition puzzles returning to production as confirmed recently by Phil? (Specifically silver, orange, titanium, lime – see waiting production on the website’)

Obviously this is a good thing for those that have not had the opportunity to purchase them previously and
I think the debate has been had many times as to whether there should be limited puzzle versions or not and really whether people buy them because they are limited or simply to build up their collection there’s no right or wrong opinion there.

The part im not sure about is how you can market a product as limited and in addition state the quantity produced and that no more are able to be produced (as still stated on website) only to start producing more a few years down the line? I can’t help feel a little mislead on this.

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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by maximos92 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:53 pm

I can see how if you owned all the limited you would be upset that they make more. However, if you own them all, you probably aren't planing on selling them and the only benefit for them to stay limited is that they are worth more on resale.

I for one welcome the addition of previously limited puzzles. Even if they only make one run in total, which by the way would still make them limited. It seems every time I check the store most puzzles are sold out. That means they are not making many at a time, or lots of people are still finding out about Revo and buying them new. I don't see it being anything but a benefit, even if the term 'limited' is now tarnished or misleading.
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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by prodigy » Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:12 pm

I think it is good. Both for Chris (that he can earn more money) and for more people to be able to enjoy the great puzzles. I think that the price from Chris should be at least the market price. This will at least help everyone that owns them and have paid high prices for them to keep the value. I don't see a problem with high prices for the "limited mazes" as long it is possible to find them and I think it is better that Chris get the money. Hopefully the price will be around £400 or similar for them and then I think everyone will be happy. If someone think the price is too high they don't have to buy them :D

This way Chris can continue to create new amazing puzzles for everyone and more of us can enjoy the puzzles.

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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by CptBlood » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:02 pm

I totally agree with prodigy!
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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by pewetools » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:13 pm


NO!!! This is a 100% NO-GO and a snap in the face of loyal customers and I would rename Chris as the second D.T.

He caught people at first with promises and take a lot of money for this and then he flip to an oposite opinion. Just the idea to break the promise "limited" and to kick loyal customers in the ass to catch additional customer to make more money...... is already a shame. Faugh!

It would be also an additional shame to think about this until not all historical orders are done. I heard but I am not sure if it is true or not but some people are waiting SINCE 7 YEARS TO GET THE CE-SET ?!?! and then he would start to break his promise about limited editions? I would name this business-suicide because I am sure that loyal customers would leave him (I would do).

Rachel, maximos92 wrote: It seems every time I check the store most puzzles are sold out.

As you know, I did as part of an answer to you last week an offer to help Chris when he is not able to produce enough sleeves and mazes: I calculated the time and I can produce easily for him 5,000 puzzles a month with just 1 machine, not now, because the machine is in use until November but the main point what I want to say is that he just need good helpers instead the crazy idea that he has to make everything by self.


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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by CptBlood » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:38 pm

Maybe I need to make an additional point of view.

I personally like the idea of Limited Editionen.
They got Sold sometimes for a fair ammount.
But after the Video of Mr.Puzzle some people noticed that there are many People who wants a Limited. They buy it for a high ammount and will sell it for a much higher prices.

I personally would love to buy A Orange from Chris even for 900$ because I Would like to pay Chris this ammount of money instead to someone who only wants to make money. And this guys arent collectors. They just want to make money.

Befor the Video of Mr.Puzzle they got sold sometimes for a fair price.
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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by jason » Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:20 am

As a late-comer of course I like the idea of another run of the limited editions. It seems like as a result of the Mr. Puzzle video the market has increased dramatically, resulting in a massive shortage (demand far exceeding supply) especially with the popular out of print Orange and Silver puzzles. Thus prices has been driven up to over 7x the original price and many Revomaze fanatics will never be able to acquire these puzzles. Another run will help control prices, make many fans happy, and make Chris a good sum of money which will enable him to produce new puzzles which everyone will benefit from. As with many things, it's impossible to please everyone and the majority seems to not mind at more puzzles being produced.

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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by Guiltfeeder » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:04 pm

Personally I think the only people with a legitimate reason to be upset are those who are still waiting on past orders. If you look at the main page and consider the purple, silver and gold mazes as “limited”, there are more “limited” or “special” releases than there are regular mazes... IMHO I don’t think the Copper, Gunmetal, Orange, Lime, Silver, or gold should have ever been planned as “limited”. All this did was limit overall sales for the company while creating a huge mark up opportunity for anyone lucky enough to be involved early enough to buy these particular puzzles. A good portion of the “limited” mazes belong to collections that won’t be broken to sell individual puzzles which only gives more leverage to those who are willing to sell them. I agree it was/is a bit misleading to mark them as “limited” to start and then eventually produce more, but I refuse to believe this would have changed anyone’s mind about their initial purchase of said mazes. What made these mazes appealing initially is the fact that they were a NEW maze, not the fact that they were marketed as “limited”. As long as these “re-released” mazes are never sold for less than what they were originally sold for, I really don’t see any issue in producing more from time to time. Even if only a small number were released once a year, the demand will always outweigh the supply as this products popularity is only growing by the day. As a small business owner myself, I certainly sympathize with the decision to market them the way they were marketed. Small businesses are always thirsty for capital and I can’t say I wouldn’t have made the same decisions myself given the circumstances. However, having more different mazes for more people to enjoy only helps further grow the company which in turn means more future mazes for everyone! None of what I said is meant to offend anyone, this is just the opinion of someone who was WAY late to the Revomaze party and has paid a pretty penny for a few of my “limited” mazes.

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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by Kirk2000 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:53 pm

If Chris is completing the outstanding CE sets, which I have been waiting a long time for, and reproducing a few Silver and Titanium Revos there might be a minimum production number with his engineers. That might be the reason there will be a few available for sale. Just a thought. KIRK
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Re: Limited Addtitions - Awaiting Production

Post by 03SVTCobra » Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:31 am

"Limited Edition" seems to be tossed around like its nothing around here!
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