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Re: BlackV1 Progress and Help

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Aldan wrote: Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:14 pm So how do I modify it to get the core out (without destroying it)?
With some info from Dorothea I was able to modify my BlackV1 and now the core can be removed when the puzzle is solved. It's not really difficult to do and this core is meant to be seen :D
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Re: BlackV1 Progress and Help

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Looks like the instructions have been lost in a forum move or something

Can someone repost?
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Re: BlackV1 Progress and Help

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I've made the modifications to my Obsession cores. It's not difficult to do but it does take a little planning and care.

You have to realize that the modification will be visible and permanent so it won''t look like a pristine puzzle. If this is very important to you, stop now. The modification does not alter the difficulty or the play of the puzzle, but it will allow the removal and resetting of the core.

You have to basically extend the puzzle groove / path from the end of the puzzle path to the end of the core. This will create a permanent channel in one of the exposed ends of the core.

Some tools are needed. The plastic is rather soft and one could possibly do this by whittling away using an X-acto hobby knife. If so, you have to be careful not to cut yourself or mar the puzzle needlessly. I used a moto-tool to create most of the needed groove. Even with the moto-tool you have to be careful, but it removes material faster than a knife which can be a blessing or a curse.

The tricky part is, where should the groove be made? The end that you want to modify is deep inside the sleeve when you've completed the maze. That means you will eventually have to reset the puzzle to get to the end that is to be modified. Don't reset it yet. You need the puzzle completed to locate the new groove.

Understand that the pin is located underneath the Revomaze label on the sleeve. This is not the case with the metal puzzles. The Pin assembly is not removable since it's pressed into the sleeve very tightly. You do need to know where it is though. It is centered under the label.

Once the certificate hole is exposed, rotate the core till it stops. If you're holding the core in your right hand and the core is closer to you than the sleeve, this would be a clockwise turn. Then, just to ensure your groove will connect to the puzzle path, rotate the core counterclockwise by 1/8" or 3mm. Now look into the sleeve and either mark or remember where the pin lines up with the core. Thats where you'll create the exit pathway.

Once you're sure where the new exit channel should be, you'll have to reset the puzzle. Your task is to create a 3mm wide channel from the end of the core to the sleeve. Now how deep does it need to be? Look at the end of the core. The "R" decal / sticker is smaller than the core and the white plastic makes a ring around the sticker. The thickness of that ring is the depth of the new exit channel about 2.5mm.

Now the last bit to know is that the channel has to be just a smidge longer than 14mm (14.25mm) in order to connect with the end of the maze. It's a good thing that the core protrudes 11.5 mm outside the sleeve when reset to the beginning. There's one spot where the core can be pushed a little further out and now it protrudes 13 mm out of the sleeve. So you can construct the exit channel except for the last 1.25mm with the puzzle closed.

You can use a small drill or burr to remove the last 1.25mm or even use an X-acto knife to poke through that last 1.25mm. You'll need to be careful not to damage the sleeve needlessly. It is certainly possible not to damage the sleeve at all if you're careful.

If all goes well you'll be able to remove the core after resolving it. With the core removed you can smooth the exit channel if needed.

This is all unofficial and you're on your own with the result. I wish you luck and I think you'll enjoy seeing the core.

In later obsessions Chris reduced the diameter of the exposed ends of the core which in effect does the same thing and those cores were removable.

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