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Re: Black V2 Extreme

Postby pewetools » Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:35 pm


well, I see this in a differhnt way. Of course I understand everybody who want to buy old types, me too, I am looking for purple (but I will never pay the insane price of 2,000 GBP of the website) and black, if something is sold as a special item with the argument of "limited", then this is part of the item-value. If now the same company (doesnt matter what typeof product) which sold me the value of "limited" continue producing the limited items, then this is stealing the value of the old customers which supported the production with prepayment. In my personal opinion, this would be a fraud / crime / theft / mess.


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Re: Black V2 Extreme

Postby Aldan » Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:08 am

I do agree concerning the V1 Black and Purple. Those had, what I would consider, a real limited run of only 20 each. Chris always said and still does that these wouldn't come back. And he should keep it that way (as much as I want them :twisted: )

I gets a little trickier with puzzles like Orange, Copper and so on, which also where propagated as "limited", but with runs of 125 or 250. So already not that "limited" anymore. I'm glad that they are available again and I think it also was the right business descision. If they make something "limited", they automatically loose possible income. And I guess everyone here wants them to stay in business and keep bringing out new mazes ;)

But what about this: Maybe we can agree, and of course Chris has to be on board with this, to not make any limited runs in the future. Maybe do limited runs for special editions like a bead blasted shell, or a gold plated core, but not for the standard maze with anodized shell and nickel plated core?

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