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Postby RevoGirl » Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:37 pm

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone’s well. Firstly, thanks to everyone who purchased the new V1 Copper from us, the feedback I have received has been very positive. To those who purchased a V1 Copper from us I sent a feedback form to earlier this week asking the following questions:

1. Have you solved the new V1 Copper? And how long did it take?
2. Out of 100, how would you rate the difficulty level?
3. What are you enjoying about the puzzle?
4. What do you dislike about the puzzle?
5. Do you believe you received value for money?
6. Do you believe the quality of the V1 Copper is consistent with previous R1 puzzles?
7. Would you recommend the V1 Copper to a friend?
8. Did Revo HQ meet your expectations regarding communications and delivery?
9. What would you like to see in future puzzle productions?

Q1. The responses I received indicate that the average time to solve is 10-15 hours

Q2. 70-75/100 looks to be the typical response

"Good Old Revo"
"Dexterity Challenge"
"Small Pin"
"Static aspect"
"The colour"
"Good Steady Progress Keeps Interest High"

"The only problem I had was with the grease gumming up in transit through sub-artic weather."
"Oh the dexterity. I think it is WAY too high for a static maze"
"bridges slightly narrow"

Q5. 100% of customers said YES!

Q6. 80% said Yes 20% said to be confirmed upon opening

Q7. 100% said YES!

Q8. 100% said YES!


“From static mazes, more hidden paths, less bridges, less of a dexterity requirement. "

“I like the creative choices of colours. I would like to see the end of BBs in Revomazes”

“I would like to see an even easier puzzle than Blue. When I have friends over they never have enough time to solve the Blue and get the reward of opening. A two hour solution time would be about right in this case. Enough to get a mental map going but not enough to really frustrate." - This is really interesting, does anyone else feel this way?

"The occasional R1 release has been great; Keep forging ahead with the R2 series"

"In the future, you need to make a series with splash-anodized sleeves. It's often done on paintball equipment and looks really, really cool." - I like this one but after looking into it the cost is extremely high, maybe a Limited Edition idea though?

"With the odd gravity pin a puzzle like Cu+ would be formidable." - Anyone else like this idea?

Thank you to everyone who has replied so far, I know a lot of you are still working on the Copper and the statistics/ responses can change but that is a snap shot of what I have received so far.

Last week I was unfortunately off ill so apologies to those who’s emails went unresponded for a few days, I know Chris tried to keep on top of it but he has been working on the R2s in the workshop over the past few weeks and only sits down to his computer of an evening.

Due to an excellent suggestion from a forum member I have arranged for the V1 Copper to be reviewed in the coming weeks by two fantastic bloggers:

Both gentleman have kindly agreed to test and review the puzzle so keep an eye on those two blogs.

Plans for April are R2s R2s R2s!!

We will be out of the office Friday 3rd April and Monday 6th due to Easter bank holidays. I hope everyone has a great Easter break and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries you may have.


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