The Rabbit Run

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The Rabbit Run

Postby Markardi » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:03 am


I was hoping I could get a hint on one part of the Silver as I've been stuck for some time. Usually, at least for the past puzzles, I would take a break then come back and re-explore to see if I missed something. I've been doing that with this one but I always seem to end up at the same spot.

I know where the "dead end" is and I can get to the other side of the "canal", even found the small room, but this next "rabbit run" has got stumped. Trying to explore a dead end after the canal, I think that's where things go but maybe that's just a trick or maybe I'm just wrong?

Not trying to give anything away, please edit if I do, but can I get some clue to this rabbit run?

What is a rabbit run anyway? Does knowing what one is help get past it?

It sounds like it only gets harder in the motorway and swamp, but one step at a time!


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