Have you received your Turquoise revomaze?

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Re: Have you received your Turquoise revomaze?

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There is a discord thread now

But anyone can log the chat. So content ownership is moot. It can be repopulated anywhere off of the logs unless something has changed

Though I've never heard of a legit discord being closed, for a business like this.
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Re: Have you received your Turquoise revomaze?

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BBloke wrote: Wed Sep 02, 2020 12:39 pm I would keep the forum and have discord as an instant access platform.

A few things to consider:

What happens if discord changes its ethos/direction?
Who owns the information on it.
Platform control.

As I see it the forums are run/managed/housed by revohq. Access to data is in their control.

I would rather keep it there than in discords hands.
I've been discussing with the Revo HQ team. Right now they created it and own it, so it's not fan run at the moment - it's run directly by Chris P and Rachel. I've been helping them get it set up but I do not run it.
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