Thinking of selling blue v1

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Thinking of selling blue v1

Post by jonah »

Firstly I wonder whether someone can confirm that my blue revomaze is a v1 please? It's ridged, bought it in 2010 and its serial number is BU010nn?

Secondly, I was thinking of selling it - as much as I love it as an item I must admit I found it too frustrating having got stuck at "that bit" so it's been used but never finished and opened. Comes with pouch and original black tube and leaflet - I'm also not sure I ever registered it but can't see a way to check? Is there a best place to sell one? eBay? Likely range of price achievable?

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Re: Thinking of selling blue v1

Post by BlackClub »

There is a discord channel for buying and selling, and I think others use eBay

There is also a buy/sell thread in General, but it’s mostly links to ebay

I have mentioned you are looking to sell on discord

Where are you based?
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