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Re: Opinions about copper

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BBloke wrote:They are all differently unique and fun in their own way. My take is Copper is intricate. Indigo is beautiful. Gunmetal is mysterious. They are all challenging. I would go for Indigo with Copper but if it were me I'd just end up getting them all in time. ;)
That's as an intriguing a description of them as they could be. You've made the decision harder than it already was. I'll likely be getting them all in time so maybe I'll start with Copper, The intricate maze sounds appealing.
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Re: Opinions about copper

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Ran in to solid wall with GM, then same with Grey, decided to pick up Copper and stuck with it. Have to say I really liked Copper! Lot of hurdles to overcome, and like Orange and Bronze, several "wins" to gain along the way. Very intricate core in this one!
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Re: Opinions about copper

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Well done! I just started my own journey into Copper... was stuck with Gunmetal so decided to add Copper to the mix, plus having a couple to bounce back and forth from seems like a good idea to not get too discouraged when the inevitability of being stumped by one of them happens :lol:
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