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Hi All,

There’s been a mixed response from our Limited Edition puzzles. We already have two special edition puzzles which are Ceres and Pluto and these are only available to the 100 Voyager Status holders who have purchase the previous puzzles. There was often a mention of then producing Limited Edition Humea, Makemake and Eris. We have decided only to make the latter two and that they will be limited like the Black.

The difference between R1 and R2 is that they are being made here in house by Chris and so machines and material needs to be first acquired – the sale of the voyager status’s allowed us to gather the funds for material first and the sale of the Limited Editions now will allow us to gather the material funds for this project. Unfortunately we are an extremely small business and do not have the revenue to front the costs ourselves first. As the R2s are being made in house by Chris it would have been another huge project to introduce 50-100 of the Limited Editions. This isn’t what we wanted, rather we wanted a small project which Chris could enjoy working on and making special after Ceres and then Pluto, a respite and wind-down from the R2s, 20 is a number we have used before for the HMs so 20 it was.

We admit that the timing of the sale could have been delayed a couple of months but as the LE were always in the long–term plan, which we have completed, and we have been quiet recently whilst working to resolve batch 1s drawbar issues and manage the production of batch 2, it seemed an ideal time to announce them and bring back the spark of interest which had been dimmed recently. Obviously the timing was wrong for some people and we apologize for this. We always regret any disapproval and will work to resolve this; it is not our intention to upset anyone. Our aim is to put to good use what we are earning to protect the brand and reduce the risk of sub-contracting.

As this is our only earning point, our livelihood, it is important for us that you understand we cannot do it without the good will of our loyal clients.


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