Titanium difficulty rating?

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Re: Titanium difficulty rating?

Post by maximos92 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:57 pm

Brassassin wrote:If I look at all the mazes you opened before this, I can see why this one would be easier for you...
I had only finished blue and bronze before this, but I found Titanium a nice challenge. Finished it in half the time it took me to open my first revo (blue).
It did take me way longer than 40mins just to map it.
Besides that, I guess it all depends on one “seeing” the solution to the puzzle. If only I had “seen” the solution to bronze 10hrs sooner...
Yes that is a fair point, I just always associated the Titanium with being the pinnacle Static maze, alongside the Copper. I mean had I just read this thread maybe id have known better but I did not :lol: I am still happy to have the puzzle, just I am more shocked that it was so much easier for me than I was anticipating.
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