V1 Blue – Beginner (Stock Due Feb 2018)


Beginner Level – Difficulty – 50/100

Crafted from anodised aluminium and nickel plated brass, this is the original classic of the Revomaze family. Don’t be fooled by that, with a solve time of around 5 hours, this puzzle can be very challenging. The V1 Blue is designed to help develop your mazing skills, the core contains a static progression maze you can neither see nor touch.

You will need to use the power of logic, memory, and all your dexterity to navigate a path through the winding maze always fearful that one wrong turn means starting your journey again.



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4 reviews for V1 Blue – Beginner (Stock Due Feb 2018)

  1. Scott

    “Gday, just got my blue open. Brilliant puzzle, loved every minute of it, just need to reassemble it now. Thanks”
    Scott – Aus

  2. Chris

    “I have opened my Blue Extreme Revomaze.
    I would like to congratulate you on such an excellent product. I have had bucket loads of entertainment from it. Now I need to order the green.
    Chris – UK

  3. Uhai

    “I opened the blue Revomaze today. Very satisfying.
    Now I need the assembly instructions.
    Time for the green.
    Uhai – USA

  4. Dennis

    “Hi !
    I’ve done the Revomaze blue.
    This product is awesome and I’m looking forward to further contensts.
    best regards ”
    Dennis – Germany

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